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The most exciting thing is to drink with couples of close friends. Intimate Friend is brewed precisely for you. Using traditional Chinese distillation techniques and innovative blending methods, master distillers only take 10% heart of the original liquor and store it for more than 3 years in a jar. The creative design of the bottle is exquisite and simple. The side of the bottle is decorated with a poem by Mr. Tao Shiquan, the founder of JIANGXIAOBAI, creating a strong cultural endorsement. Each bottle of this premium distilled liquor has a tracing code; exquisite quality is only for the best friends. VIVE L’AMITIE!


Category: Small-qu & Light-Aroma

Color: Clear and transparent

Smell: Smell of ripe fruit together with a note of slowly diffusing of honey

Taste: Thick and pure texture, smooth and glutinous sweet, different levels of taste


Conclusion: A perfect taste of proper maturation, smooth and soft feel on the palate, sweet and not greasy, pleasant feel of thick liquor body on the tongue, premium quality and long-hold lingering finish



2017 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)   Silver Medal

2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition(SFWSC)   Silver Medal

2019 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)   Silver Medal



Content 75 cl
Packing (Bottle) 4
Alcohol 40%
Ingredients Water, Sorghum
Country of Origin China
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