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Pure and incisive are the words that come to mind. The PURE series embodies JIANGXIAOBAI's international and fashionable vision and strength. Its taste inherits the consistently refreshing and smooth features of JIANGXIAOBAI products. As neat, the mixed fragrance of green apple and fresh grass, as well as a sweet-n-smooth taste hit your taste buds. As cocktail base, PURE brings a rich sense of layers and an unforgettable flavor experience. The bottle design is simple and concise, simple linework conveying the product spirit, and following the brand concept of "the Renaissance of the Old Flavor". PURE reveals to the world the delicious excitement of Chinese baijiu.

Color : clear and transparent;

Smell : light aroma, delicate note of green apple, fresh grass, almond-flavor on the nose

Taste : silky texture, slight alcoholic punch, lingering subtle sweet after taste


Category : Small-qu & Light Aroma

Conclusion : The exquisite combination of fruity and floral smell reaches a perfect balance, clean and smooth taste represents a joyful drinking experience.

Content 10 cl
Packing (Bottle) 24
Alcohol 40%
Ingredients Water, Sorghum
Country of Origin China
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