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The fame of Marsala wine is due mainly to the British, who had already traded in Port, Madeira and Sherry products. In 1773 they docked in Marsala where they tasted this "nectar". They were completely mesmorised. By using similar production techniques to the other sweet wines, a new product appeared on the market. This was the beginning of Marsala’s global adventure. In 1880 Paolo Pellegrino, notary with a strong passion for grape growing, founded the company;  Cantine Pellegrino, in few years,succeeded in transforming the family company into one of the most important wineries in Marsala, keeping this leading position until today. The history of the family and the company continue along parallel lines, and the experience in grape growing and wine making have had continuity with all the generations managing the company.

Aged over one year in oak barrels in the Province of Trapani, Marsala and Mazara del Vallo area, Cantine Pellegrino Marsala Fine. IP bears an intense amber colour with fine and delicate taste.  It is ideal with sweets, used for the preparation of various recipes.

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